I am a full service / Full time gunsmith Since 1994


248 Hallston Road Slippery Rock PA 16057 US

At Hallston Custom Machining I specialize in accurizing 1911 Government Model pistols. I can transform your quality stock pistol into an NRA or CMP legal competition pistol. If you don't have a suitable pistol to modify I can provide one, modify it and transfer it to you.

I have shot NRA Conventional Bullseye Pistol competition for 31 years and have an NRA Master indoor and outdoor classification. I earned my Distinguished Pistol Shot medal in 1992 and am still an active competitor shooting in both  winter and summer leagues.

With this experience I know what you expect from your rimfire and centerfire bullseye pistols. From triggers to scope mounts, from beavertail grip safetys and stippled front straps I can modify your pistols to fit your wants and needs.

Do you have a revolver that you would like to use in NRA Distinguished Revolver Matches? I can weigh, smooth, and lighten the trigger to NRA specifications for you. I can check and adjust the cylinder lockup and alignment for increased accuracy.

I can build an ESP, Limited, or Open class pistol for IDPA or IPSC competition. I can modify your AR and shotgun to be better suited to 3 gun matches. If you would like to shoot the "stock" gun matches I can change the sights and other legal modifications to your Glock, Springfield XD, or your Smith & Wesson M&P pistols.

But wait there's more.

I can transform that AR-15 you settled for when they were difficult to find into the rifle you would have liked to have purchased. From trigger work to a floating hand guard and  a flat top gas block to turning and threading the barrel for flash hiders, muzzle brakes, or suppressors, I can transform that AR-15 into YOUR AR-15.

Do you have an older 12 guage shotgun you would like to be able to change the choke? If the outside diameter of the muzzle end of the barrel is large enough I can ream and thread the barrel for Winchester, Remington, or Tru-Choke tubes.

I can also drill and tap rifles, shotguns, and handguns that are commonly done to have scope mounts or metallic sights and install and boresight them for you. I can machine the dovetails required to install the front and rear sights for most handguns and muzzle loader rifles.

Is your rifle trigger  REALLY heavy and there is no aftermarket trigger available for it? (maybe it's one of the less expensive new rifles that are so popular) I may be able to help you by lightening the weight of pull and reducing the creep to be more manageable.

Contact me with your questions or concerns, I'll do my best to help you.